About Us

The Atlas UV Disinfectant Device was developed by Fields Mechanical.  We are Technical Sales Company that has been in business for over 30 years.  Many of our customers are small, medium, and large healthcare systems.  So, when they reached out to us for solutions to a shortage of PPE, in particular N95 masks, our engineers got to work.  Our solution is the Atlas UV Disinfectant Unit.  The goal was to develop a product that could disinfect and sterilize N95 masks using existing technology that is easily sourced here in the United States, and at a reasonable price.  We also want to do our part to help our communities across the country stay safe and not be dependent on foreign or unreliable supply chains.  We hope that the Atlas UV Disinfectant Device will provide a low cost, reliable, and safe solution for sterilizing and reusing PPE and N95 masks.